WCS is located in Tigard, Oregon, a rapidly growing suburb on the southwest side of Portland.

School History

Westgate Christian School began its first year in the fall of 1988 as a ministry of Westgate Baptist Church—a fundamental, independent, Bible-believing church. The school began with Grades K5 through Grade 3, and an additional grade was added each year with K4 and Grade 6 added in 1991-92. Commencing with the 1992-93 school year, WCS added Grades 7 through 12. The school ministry was founded specifically to help parents meet their God-given mandate to train their children in the light of Scripture.


Mission Statement

The purpose of WCS is to assist parents in raising their children to prepare them for adult challenges and responsibilities in ministry, as well as in the secular realm. The primary aspects of the WCS mission include a Bible-based education, spiritual edification, and student evangelism in a Godly environment. A fundamental tenet of the WCS mission is helping students to internalize Biblical principles in an academic setting that stresses high standards in the areas of personal discipline and accountability, Christian servanthood, and Biblical separation.


WCS is a ministry of Westgate Baptist Church. WCS is a member of the Northwest Association of Christian Schools (NWACS) and the American Association of Christian Schools (AACS). Our pastor, Dr. Ben Jaquith, is the president of the chapter.


All of our faculty are well-qualified academically and are born-again Christians who are dedicated to serving the Lord through the ministry of teaching young people.



WCS provides attractive classrooms, a library, and computer lab, in a 42,000 square-foot building with a gym/auditorium.

Academic Program

WCS provides a challenging, instructional program for students in K4 through Grade 12 in a structured, loving environment. The lower grades utilize a strong phonics-based reading program. The secondary program is largely college preparatory. Classes are conducted in a conventional classroom setting. Each year the IOWA Test of Basic Skills is given in Grades 1-11. Average scores are well above national norms on the SAT.

Fine Arts Program

Art is taught each year in K4 through Grade 6. Two levels of band are available beginning in Grade 5. Private piano and brass lessons are available. Our students participate in the NWACS Fine Arts Competition each year.



We primarily use the A Beka Book curriculum along with Bob Jones University Press and Positive Action for Christ. Informational brochures are available in the office.


Teachers of K4 through Grade 6 use a system with negative and positive reinforcements. Good behavior awards are given out each month in chapel. Grades 7-12 use a demerit system.


Appearance has a great affect on attitude, and hence, learning. Students need to dress neatly, modestly, and appropriately.

After School Activities

Available for K5 through Grade 8. Call the school office for more information and for an application form.


Lunch and Snacks

Students provide their own lunches and snacks. Healthy foods are encouraged. Snacks are scheduled at mid-morning for kindergarten and at recess for the elementary grades.


Parents take responsibility for transporting their children to and from school. Carpools are often efficient and economically desirable. Parents interested in carpooling may have an opportunity to meet others who may also be interested at Orientation. School personnel may be able to assist in providing potential contacts for carpooling.

Graduation Requirements

WCS requires 24 credit-hours for graduation.


Daily Schedule

Except as noted otherwise on the detailed annual calendar provided to parents at the start of each school year, the normal daily routine is as follows:

8:25 a.m. School Begins for All Grades
11:30 a.m. School ends for Half-Day K5
3:00 p.m. School Ends for All-Day K5 to Grade 12
3:00 p.m. After-School Activities Begins

School Nickname: The Gators

School Mascot: Wes Gator

School Colors: Blue and White


LAND’S END School Uniform

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