Westgate Christian School is a ministry of Westgate Baptist church, who has underwritten the majority of capital expenditures for the school. One of the goals of Westgate Christian School is to provide a high-quality education at an affordable cost. Our research shows that our tuition remains well below that of other Christian schools in our community.

We fully recognize the financial commitment and sacrifices involved when parents enroll their children in a private school. We are thankful for our WCS families who believe that a Christ-centered education is a worthwhile investment that provides abundant returns, both in this life and in eternity. At the same time, we do ask for faithful and prompt payment of all accounts so that we can meet our institutional obligations to care for our staff, maintain our facilities, and advance the educational program for our students.


Registration Information


  • $120 per student
  • Non-refundable (except due to space limits)
  • Due when student application is submitted

(Helps to cover processing fees, student insurance, NWACS membership, achievement tests, and sports fees)




K4 is a K5 preparatory academic program in the morning with afternoon care until 3:00 p.m. The charge is $6,244 per school year; this may be paid in monthly payments.

Half-day K4 available.


Textbook Fees

The textbook fee is charged annually and is due August 1. (There is no monthly tuition payment due on August 1.) The cost varies according to grade or class requirements. Textbook lists and charges will be provided.


Annual Family Member Tuition Discount

Grade *1st Child 2nd Child 3rd Child 4th Child
K5 Full Day & 1st to 6th Grade $5,244 $4,457 $3,671 Free
7th & 8th Grade $5,614
9th to 12th Grade $6,005

Half-day K5: $3,056 per child.
The kindergarten fee is a flat fee covering the regular half-day program. The family member discount is not applicable until the half-day kindergarten student is the 4th child.

*The oldest student is considered the first child.



  1. Tuition is charged on a yearly basis, and may be paid by the year or on a 10-month payment schedule (see #2 below). The yearly tuition, or the first tuition payment, is due July 1 and must be paid by July 1 to ensure your child’s reservation in the classroom.
  2. 10-Month Tuition Payment Plan: The first tuition payment on the 10-month schedule is due July 1 (non-refundable) with each succeeding payment due on the first of the month through May 1 (except for August 1 when textbook fees are due; there is no August tuition payment). Payments may be made online through our website or by check or cash. A $35 service charge will be applied for any check returned unpaid due to insufficient funds. WCS takes payment by credit card with a 3.5% Convenience Fee added.
  3. A full month’s payment is due if the student attends any day in the month. Also, tuition must be paid for any month a student is absent if he plans to continue at WCS upon returning or reenroll for the upcoming year.
  4. Payments Past Due: A late fee of $25 will be added for accounts not paid in full by the 10th of the month. Partial payment does not exempt the account from late fees. Any student whose account is not paid in full and up to date on or before the last day of each month may not be allowed to attend Westgate Christian School until the account is up to date or financial arrangements have been made.
  5. Students enrolling after September 30: Tuition is prorated applicable to the months remaining in the school year. At least one month’s payment is due in advance.

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